Our Mission

Comfort.  Safety.  Enjoyment.

Mt. Bethel Village is committed to a community where its residents enjoy:

  • Access to supports that promote a healthy, safe, satisfying and productive life.
  • Access to the highest quality services and individualized supports to enhance independence, self-esteem and community integration.
  • Active participation in making decisions that affect their lives.
  • A social network with people who are meaningful to them.
  • Active participation in the community.
  • Respect for their contributions to the community
  • Freedom from exploitation and obstacles that prevent them from living a life that is more independent.

Mt. Bethel Village advocates for:

  • Its residents to receive the respect, compassion and dignity afforded all members of society.
  • The right of the resident to exercise self-determination and to make meaningful life choices.
  • Individualized, effective and efficiently operated services.
  • Recognition of lifespan needs of the individual and the flexibility and responsiveness to meet those challenges.
  • A collaboration of the individual, family, service provider and community as the best means to identify goals, barriers and solutions to achieve greater independence.
  • Community based recreational and social opportunities as integral and essential components to individual growth and quality of life.
  • Integrating the community into Mt. Bethel Village and into the lives of its residents.
  • Providing an aesthetically appealing facility, comprehensive supports and individual apartments to its residents.
  • Providing an accessible and welcoming home to the residents and members of the community.
  • Personal and system-wide improvements to advance and expand the range of specialized supports to meet the needs of all individuals with disabilities.

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