Transition and Behavioral Support Services

MBV is now offering a two-year Transitional Living Program in limited apartments to help families move their adult/child/brother/sister to independence beyond this supported apartment community. Read more

Social and Behavioral Support Services for Individuals include:

  • Behavioral Intervention Strategies that provide an environment to minimize inappropriate social interactions, to promote verbal and non-verbal interactions, and to encourage friendships and communication by staff and administrators with the goal of becoming an integral part of the MBV Community and surrounding community;
  • One on One Support to learn Daily Living Skills that involve picking up in an apartment, dressing, grooming, hygiene, eating healthy and forming relationships to have fun and have a purpose in life;
  • Life Long Learning of Skills to have success in volunteer positions in the community, successfully maintain job skills in the workforce and become part of the surrounding community through leisure and recreational activities.

Thus, each adult is interviewed, observed in the MBV setting and in their own home/day program setting, i.e. the natural setting to determine what MBV staff need to do to support their behaviors when each adult transitions to MBV’s Residential and/or Day Program.


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